Who Provides the Best Hong Kong Web Design Facilities?


Nowadays you can get Botox in your lunch hour. If only giving your website a facelift was that easy… In today’s digital world, competition is fierce.  Websites are no longer just crucial tools to ecommerce companies – they are cornerstone for most businesses regardless of industry or function.  In order to maintain a competitive edge in the market, it is therefore important to keep your website design fresh, current and well marketed.

There is not a lot of point in investing in a web designer if you don’t have an online presence.  This refers to how visible you are to your target market – you can’t make money unless customers spend and they won’t spend, if they don’t even know you exist.  So, if you are not ranking very high on search engine results, this would be a good indication that your website needs a facelift – from an SEO expert.

On the hot topic of SEO, Google’s updates mean that their algorithms are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  For some this means that their once top ranked website has drastically declined in its position.  If you have felt the wrath of Google’s Panda’s and Penguins, your website definitely needs a facelift.

Contrary to some people’s understanding, just because Google release updates doesn’t mean that your SEO strategy and website design has to continually change.  In fact, in the hands of the right professional who practices ethical techniques and understands the intricacies, your website will not only rank high in search engine results but not become obsolete every time there is an update.

Another thing that is a sign that your website needs a facelift is if you have a high bounce rate.  This refers to visitors leaving your site too quickly, usually within a few seconds.  It signifies a poignant flaw in your website design – this could be visually, the look and feel, functionality, load time, navigation – anything, that hampers the user experience.  If your website suffers a high bounce rate, it is definitely revaluating the usability of the site so  that you can encourage users to stay for longer and thereby increasing the chances of them spending money.

Most consumers nowadays access the internet on their smartphones, tablets, different browsers, and so on.  This means that a technical flaw that would be detrimental to the success factor of your website is if it does not work across different platforms.  Highlighting the importance of the website being compatible for viewing on mobile devices, certain design principles like large buttons, vertical navigation and maintaining a consistent look and feel, should be incorporated.

Ensuring that a website works well as tool that generates and retains business, it is crucial that its design, development and marketing is taken care of by professionals.  Boss Digital is a fully serviced digital agency and, with a team of certified experts, you can be rest assured that you will receive an end to end solution.  They have over a decade of experience as well as over 100 websites in their portfolio, with a proven track record to boost website traffic and increase sales within budget. This means that whilst your website gets a facelift the effects of which will be long standing, you can concentrate on making money.

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