Why Get A VPN For Mac?

While a Mac is widely known to be secure than Windows computers and is therefore far less targeted by cybercriminals, you should never just take it for granted that you’re always going to be safe. In fact, Mac computers have seen an increase in attacks in recent years so it will always pay to increase your security when browsing the internet as much as you can.

A VPN for Mac is one such way you can improve your security as they will protect you when using WiFi hotspots, and your privacy will also improve as you will no longer be surfing using your own IP address.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is basically a network of secure servers and when you connect to one of them, you are doing so using a secure peer-to-peer connection directly with the server. Your browsing then takes places via that server which connects to the internet giving the impression that this is your very own computer.

Your new IP address will allow browsing privately as well as preventing any hackers from being able to get their hands on your own personal and private information.

Which VPNs are the Best?

There is a ton of good VPNs out there right now but as you might expect, some are nowhere near as good as some others. This is why we have given you two that you might want to check out if you’re looking for a new VPN. We also recommend that you use VPNVeteran if you wanted to see more in-depth reviews of these VPNs.


IPVanish is a very good option mainly because it offers up excellent performance and will allow you to use as many as 10 different devices at the same time. The latter is far more than you’ll find anywhere else and when you combine that with a choice of three different protocols to use, some great features like automatic IP switching, and fast download speeds, you have one of the very best VPN for Mac on the market right now.

Hotspot Shield

Another popular VPN among users is that of Hotspot Shield, a VPN that is known for being one of the cheapest to use. Despite this low price, it still offers up plenty of great features, is easy-to-use, and the speeds at which you’re given will more than compete with some of the more expensive VPNs.

If you were looking for a free VPN for Mac, you will also find that there are a few of these available too. We don’t often recommend using free VPNs but if we were pushed to recommend one, it would have to be ProtonVPN. It has a good free version of its product but you can also upgrade to a paid version if you wanted additional features. Simply put, that is the best free VPN for Mac in our opinion.

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