Pay Per Click – A Great Head Start For An Seo Campaign

Despite the impressive growth, in recent years, of social networking sites, search engines are still very much central to the daily business of the internet. After all, major search engines still crop up regularly in lists of the world’s top ten most visited websites.

Consequently, search engine optimisation – the process of optimising and promoting websites to gain high search result page rankings – remains a high priority for business website owners. One way of fast-tracking a website in to poll position in search results is to initiate a “Pay Per Click search advertising campaign. Pay Per Click (or PPC) is a method of “per click payment for sponsored search results – the portion of a search results page which acts as an override, guaranteeing the display of a website based on certain trigger terms.

There is considerable evidence that PPC certainly benefits those who give it a try. Following a properly guided PPC campaign, a wedding gift and accessories store saw a 42% increase in revenues compared to the previous year when an inferior marketing plan was in play.

It is, however, always preferable to take a rounded view of PPC. Viewing PPC as an organic part of a mature, long-term, web development strategy is far more likely to bring business websites lasting results. Intelligently integrating SEO methods in to an overall web design is equally important to, for example, a one-off pay per click campaign.

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