New Facebook Reactions With Redesigned Like Button

Facebook – one of the biggest social networking website has recently made a big change in like button. Now your recent feed will be more valued; by adding 6 new emotion reactions, facebook has made more precious.  These emoticons are added after a long research and online surveys conducted by facebook team. 

After testing these emotions for months in various countries, facebook has successfully launched it. You can easily check these emotions either by pressing long on like button or on desktop you can check on mouse hover on like. Now the 6 emotions are “Like” as we are aware about this before; “Love” “haha” “wow” “sad” and “angry”.

According to the survey, the motive of introducing new reactions was that people were fed up of writing comments as it is a time consuming process and required and quick and easy way to leave feedback, and emoji was the best way to show gestures. After a long research on emoticons the following 5 new emotions were added.

On the launch Facebook Product Manager Sammi Krug stated that- they have been listening to people from long that some changes need to be done in facebook like buttons, for example many people want to express sympathy in a situation like relationship breakup or family tragedy but others are not able to express their expressions and end up with doing a comment on that status. After taking people’s such reactions we worked on it and come up with a solution with cute emojis in gif format.

What are you waiting for? Update you feed and see the reactions of your near and dear ones or post a reaction on your friends’ feed and share your experience.

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