Major Reasons To Go For Magento 2 Migration Now

Ecommerce business is a booming industry these days. And for many years, Magento 1 has been successfully contributing to the benefits of ecommerce solutions as a great platform for website developments. Now Magento 2 is the next big platform that has been specifically designed to bring a better and efficient performance than Magento 1.


For a truly impressive ecommerce website, Magento design is the best solution that is highly efficient in overcoming certain challenging aspects of the Magento 1 platform.

Supporting minimum versions

Magento 2 supports the minimum versions of PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS3. so you will find easily upgraded facilities.

Performance level

Magento 2 has inbuilt full page cache, supporting varnish. The load time for all the pages of your website is faster with cache facility enabled. This feature makes Magento 2 very popular. Therefore, with this platform, you can give your customers a smooth and hassle-free online shopping experience. For instance, if your customers are browsing products, they will get fast results from a different DB server that stores the product information.

Fast loading

The number of JavaScript has been reduced in Magento 2. So now you get fast loading. With less page loading time, your website will be easier to browse and it will give an impressive user experience.


In this phase, the restructuring of the code base supports a single directory to store all the specific data of the same module. Also, the PHP package manager is in the management of module installation.

Third party module integration

In this Magento 2, there are well-defined APIs serving as a path for interface to modules. This enables the smooth changes of the codes within the modules in without affecting the external modules in any way. Therefore, developers can easily customise the modules.

Perfect code base

In case of Magento 2, there is no place for leaving the non-optimised code as all the bad and legacy codes have been removed.

Smooth installations and upgrades

In this new platform installations and upgrades are very easier to do. Thus if you are a business owner and need frequent upgrades, then Magento design is your best way. It is also better to stay ahead with latest upgrades which help to join functional features and add-ons.

Less testing efforts

Magento 2 is a platform that supports tests to make sure the customisations. This helps the developers to understand and better work with the new customisations without breaking any important functions of the site. The functional testing can be done successfully with the help of Magento Test Framework which is an open source path and does not need any particular operating system.

Still unsure of what to choose for your ecommerce business website? Well, this is the right time to embrace Magento 2 or migrate from your current platform. An online business requires a properly designed and functional website. And only the Magento platform with Magento 2 can support your business accepting all the challenges and complexities. For more information, consult a Magento website developer today and unfold the possibilities for a dramatic business presence.

Better performance and better results will come through proper website solutions. And as website development is said to be the backbone of any online business, you might not want to take any chances with that.

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