Facebook Popularity

Facebook users nowadays are continuously growing in number. From the time it was launched, it made a difference in the social networking community. As it evolves, it is continually embraced by many; most of its users are comprised of those individuals coming from different statuses in our society, regardless of who they are.

Facebook has revealed that it now has 1.11 billion people spending on the site each month, a little more than the 1.06 billion reported three months earlier. It embodies a 23 percent growth from a year previously. Facebook also says it had 665 million active users each day on average in March, up 26 percent from a year earlier, and 751 million using Facebook from a mobile device each month, up 54 percent. In addition, Facebook says it had 751 million monthly active mobile users in the first quarter, up 10 percent from 680 million in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Based on the data from Facebook Inc., as of March 2013 about 1.11 billion are using Facebook. Here is a look at how the number of active users at Facebook has grown: 1 million — End of 2004; 5.5 million — End of 2005; 12 million — End of 2006; 20 million — April 2007; 50 million — October 2007; 100 million — August 2008; 150 million — January 2009; 175 million — February 2009; 200 million — April 2009; 250 million — July 2009; 300 million — September 2009; 350 million — End of 2009; 400 million — February 2010; 500 million — July 2010; 608 million — End of 2010; 750 million — July 2011; 800 million — September 2011; 845 million — End of 2011; 901 million — March 2012; 955 million — June 2012; 1.01 billion — September 2012; 1.06 billion — December 2012; 1.11 billion — March 2013.

The above mentioned growth of Facebook users proves how influential Facebook as part of social media. Many were encouraged on using this media for many purposes: some spend this as their way of socializing themselves, others to promote a certain advocate, gather more friends and to communicate to someone important.Some uses Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going somewhere, and to share and express what matters to them. The updated Facebook features really help to have lots of users from time to time. From now on there will be news updates regarding facebook features one of these latest news is the new review policies for pages and groups on facebook, expanding graph search beta and feature phone milestone. These things contributed to make Facebook popular. Furthermore, business proprietors used Facebook to advertise their products, this is a way of popularizing. Thus, business companies contributed a lot to the popularity of Facebook.

To really make an impact as a Facebook user you will need to have lots of likes on your page or on your posts that will surely inspire you. And you better get to know the social engine tool that will really help you to reach as many Facebook likes as possible such as the one you will find when buying facebook likes and followers in like cartel, a website that caters to businesses needs for added popularity and marketing strategy.

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