Create Stronger Brand Signals In The Serps

If you’re aiming to get to the top of the search engine results, one of the easiest paths is with your brand signals. Brand signals are much easier to take control of than most keywords. For this reason, you need to make sure you use them to best effect. Many site owners forget that reaching the top of the search engine results pages does not necessarily mean success. If internet users don’t click on your link, your efforts have been wasted. One of the ways to encourage clicks is to signal clearly that your listing matches the search. Your brand signals are an ideal way to do this.

What sort of brand signals are we talking about here? While your company name is an obvious one, there are a few brand signals that you need to worry about:

• Subdivisions
• Product names – whether they are products you sell exclusively, or popular products you sell
• Any proprietary terms you own or use

All of these signals need to be covered in your search engine optimisation plan.

Where to signal

A good search engine optimisation agency will always look at titles, URLs and descriptions to attract attention in the SERPs, and you can discuss this with us at Make use of these areas with your brand keywords.

Paying attention to basic branding pays off in other areas of SEO as well. Using brand names in titles has a reinforcing effect when link building, because many natural links will use the title as the link anchor text.

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