Two Tech Item Every Small-To-Medium Enterprise Needs

Every business owner or operator who is looking to expand their client base knows that there are certain aspects of your business which can affect your ability to grow. Namely, your reputation.

While you may not have a bad reputation for service, if your reputation is due to how your business operates, then growth will never be attainable.

Below is some information on three key pieces of technology which can be used to help a business grow through perception.

Customer Management

  • Consider this scenario.
  • You call a business.
  • The person who answers asks you to hold.
  • Music plays while you patiently wait to be answered.
  • You realize that you’ve just missed the birth of your first child waiting for the phone to be answered.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that hyperbolic, but you get the idea.

Now, consider this scenario:

  • You call a business.
  • Your call was answered immediately by an automated service which advises you of how long you will need to wait and where you sit in the queue.
  • As you wait and browse the Groupon Coupons page for Buckle, you are provided with constant updates as to your piston in the queue, until your call is professionally answered.

While it can seem like the difference between these two examples is money and well-trained staff, the truth is that it is just simple software which is handling the work for you.

A Virtual PBX system is a technology which operates in the cloud, providing you with business telecommunication utilities anywhere you need them. Complete set-and-forget automation means that these online systems can manage your incoming calls and direct them to your agents, whether they are in the office or in the field.

Now, thinking back to the two scenarios, which one do you see yourself waiting for, and which one did you hang up on after waiting forever listening to the same instrumental rendition of a Celine Dion power ballad?

A Functioning Website

Read that again. A functional website.

This means that nobody who visits your website should experience any type of technical or access issues. This is the first sign for customers that the business doesn’t know what they are doing and can quickly become the reason why confidence is lost in your services.

Instead, look for web designers and providers who can provide solid and robust websites along with ongoing support to help you keep them up to date and well maintained.

The worst thing that any company can do with its online presence is to establish a website and then never make any changes apart from small updates to contact details and maybe some small adjustments to the colors.

While they are only two pieces of technology, together these are powerful tools for any business owner or operator to use to drive business growth and increase their customer number. By simply employing two professional grade services you can help to boost the perception of your company and its reputation and, in turn, boost its customer’s growth.

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