There’s No Shortcut To Eye-Catching Titles

There’s plenty of advice available on writing titles for organic search engine optimization. Lots of SEOs are willing to share their secrets on successful title formats, best length, and even the types of words to include. The one idea that is common to every expert’s advice is: time.Good titles take time to compose. You can learn a lot from reading other great titles, or from using formulas that have worked for others, but in the end it takes time to rework the words so that they fit.

Why put all this effort in? The main reason is competition. Other sites and blogs have eye-catching titles, and you need to outshine them to compete. If you’re in a low-competition niche, you don’t have to worry, but such niches are rare.

Things move swiftly on the net, there’s no doubt about it, and you can be forgiven if every title is not a winner. For your best content, though, the time is well invested. If you want your title to catch the eye of your target audience, you need to give it time. You can talk to us at about titles and other ideas on search engine marketing for your blog.

Here’s a bonus tip – have something good to say to start with. This is possibly the easiest part of crafting an excellent title, because interesting ideas are often sparked by other great articles. If you take twenty minutes each day to read your RSS feeds, Twitter news streams and blogs, you’ll have access to a host of titles that catch attention.

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