SEO Website Design: Build Your Online Fortune On A Strong Foundation

MDFToday in the world of Internet, millions of users hit the web daily to get fresh and informative content. Your website’s design will influence the search engine crawlers in how often they’d index it and how easy will it be for the users to navigate through your website. In today’s web world there are two main factors that appeal to get into the eyes of our potential customers one of them is informative content and other one is good website maintenance and its attractive designing. If a website is good enough in designing and having well written content too then also its not of worth till the time its not well maintained. Think if some of the tabs in your website are not working well how would your customers feel.. 

In case, users find it difficult to get the information they’re looking for and the search engines get baffled on your homepage, then it is very likely for your website to lose its competitive edge in search engine marketing.

The building blocks of SEO website design

Here are some basic outlines about the most important aspects of search engine optimization or SEO-friendly website design for you to follow:

• Website architecture – First of all, to create a good web persona, you’ll have to figure who’ll be your audience. In this case, you’ll have to understand the kind of expectations, beliefs and goals your audience will like to fulfill through you. For that, you’ll have to come up with the strongest voice possible for your company or brand.

Moreover, there should be a proper set of products or features lined up that would instantly appeal to your targeted audience. Share a more personal relation with them and make all efforts to know each other’s vocabulary like the back of your hand.

• Website assessment – Secondly, you’ll have to study the competition that is there in your chosen niche. Doing so will enable you to unravel the strategies that your competitors’ are using to accomplish their goals. However, to target your competitors, you’ll have to begin with conducting an astute keyword analysis.

This includes identifying who your competitors are, employ link tracking tools and get the most relevant but probable keywords that will most perfectly describe your website.

• SEO design – Thirdly, when both the analysis and planning for your website is over, then you’ll have to start focusing on the kind of design you want to have for it. However, before that, it is equally important for you to think like an audience and how well will they be able to use your website.

Another important aspect that you’ll have to consider here is the search engines. For this, you’ll have to decide on a suitable website architecture and how both the search engines as well as the users will respond to your website navigation bar.

In addition to the above, you’ll also have to take care of whether or not you’ll be handsomely rewarded by the search engines or they’ll penalize you for violating their webmaster and SEO guidelines.

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