Pay Per Click Advertising – A Great Start To A Web Marketing Campaign

Any business website owner who is keen to increase visits to their site will inevitably need to get involved with Internet marketing. The World Wide Web has now become so crowded and diverse, with over a trillion pages for its audience to get lost in, that it is tricky to promote a site in ways that attract continuous visits.

Especially in the early stages of web marketing, many site owners turn to pay per click search advertising. Pay Per Click (PPC) as applied to search marketing is a particular form of payment for sponsored links, the paid-for links that feature in search engine results pages separately from the main body of results. The advertiser pays the search engine on a per click basis. In other words, the more referrals from a search engine sponsored link, the more the advertiser pays that search engine.

PPC certainly achieves results. For instance, an online wedding accessories store recently saw a 45% increase in sales during the period of a PPC campaign.

Indeed, PPC can be especially useful at the start of a web marketing campaign.

However, here at Click Consult, a leading UK-based website development company, we believe that PPC should not be the be-all and end-all of any Internet marketing project. Other marketing techniques, more integral to the web design process, should also be deployed in tandem. These techniques include keyword optimization which, once a site has been established, can make PPC far less of a priority.