How To Use SEO To Get Your Brand Noticed On The Web

The reality of today’s online business environment is such that having a website is simply not enough to guarantee your brand visibility online. Remember, there are over millions of websites all competing for the same share of cake. Therefore, web owners need to adopt online presence optimization strategies to help their brands get noticed by consumers on the internet.

Here are ten great strategies that can boost your brand’s visibility online, thereby lead to business growth.

Search Engine Marketing

Having an attractive website though important, does not necessarily attract huge traffic to your site and convert first time visitors to regular customers. Expert SEO services UK employs a number of SEO white hat techniques meant to achieve top rankings in search engine results pages. Search engine rankings are based on the worthiness of a website to online users. Of course, achieving top rankings in major search engines boosts you online presence. The increased online exposure in turn attracts huge traffic volume to your site. Recent findings show that half of internet users use search engines to look for products.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is the new trend in online circles these days. A blog is an internet diary or continuous written communication with online readers. It serves as an update on news, products and services for readers. New findings report that over 400 million people across the world who read blogs. Remember that simply having a blog is not a guarantee that people will read it. Some of the aspects you should do with regards to guest blogging services include:

Register your blog with reputed directories

Set up your blog such that your newest posts also appear on your social media profiles such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook status with back links to your blog Read popular and reputed blogs and later post your comments containing valuable information and back links to your website or blog to help direct traffic volume to your site.

Social Media

Social Media is the new buzz in the world of internet marketing. Some of the popular social media sites include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Facebook allows you to make free fan pages for your brand. You can also create your company profile on LinkedIn. Basically, social media offers businesses an integrated platform for viral marketing. A brand can interact with others, pass on news for readers, and most importantly help drive the flow of word of mouth across the web. Social media helps you stay in constant communication with your connections.

Monitor your brand image online

With the apparently full-scale adoption of social media among online users, you can use social media monitoring tools to listen in on discussions by consumers as to your products and services. Listening to what consumers have to say about your brand is an insightful experience as you are able to know what they think of your company. Some of the social media monitoring tools you can use to keep an eye on your web presence monitor include:

Google alerts



Hoot suite


Pay-per-click or sponsored link advertising

There are obviously numerous opportunities for free advertising online. As you probably know, you have more control with paid advertising than free advertising. There are several service providers that offer pay-per-click marketing opportunities. This is where a brand pays to gain top ranking in a sponsored link segment of consumer searches. Prices for placement differ as you can always propose a per click rate to gain higher ranking. In essence, you pay to attract and direct traffic to your website as they browse. The secret to achieving triumph with PPC marketing is to have optimized landing pages.

Exchange links

Link exchange networking is a popular technique for increased online exposure. The method entails finding partner websites that are ready and willing to give a link to your website, in exchange for the same lending hand from you. This method adds an extra place where consumers can find you. Essentially, links from popular sites that boast of high traffic are certainly beneficial to your popularity in major search engines, leading to a high search engine ranking.

Show your expertise in the Industry

Respond to questions you are conversant with on websites such as LinkedIn Answers and Yahoo Answers. These two websites rank very well with major search engines and will boost traffic to your site as an industry professional.