Features and Usage Of URL Scraper

Url Scrapper tool is used to get refine results for any keyword from other than search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google URL scraper is a tool helps you to get the adequate top site result for any desired keyword. This tool can also be used to display website into your posts and sidebar. If you are an SEO specialist or a website owner who have a research work then you can use this tool as this tool is very effective and make your work easy.

I have made many creative contents by using this tool as in this tool you just have to put your particular keyword in the space given then it will display you as many results that will help you to complete your work. In this tool there is also an option of choosing countries this tool make your work  more easy as by this you can choose your desired country to get your URL’s. You have to put keyword and then select country it provide you appropriate result. It’s not like other search engines in which we search for particular topic and then after getting results back we check location of that site it’s really a time consuming. This tool is very easy to use and save your lots of time.

URL Scrapper has a very good feature that it also provide videos according to your keyword. There is a option of you tube on left side of site when you type your keyword and then press you tube show all you tube videos related to your keyword. And even search for your desired keyword and give you Google results only. In this you can also download the search result and then downloaded file is displayed in excel format.

This tool is absolutely free and even in this tool there is no need to do any registration any one can use this tool. Operating this tool is so easy and simple. URL scrapper is best way to get top sites in very less time.