What Difference Will Yahoo Axis Make?

Yahoo has been in difficulty for some time now. It has been struggling to keep pace with more popular rivals and has been forced to shed jobs. April statistics from comScore in relation to its market share in the United States have highlighted its decline over a two year period.

Many people involved in SEO marketing have become concerned about whether or not Yahoo can offer something really distinctive to users. A reputable search engine optimisation agency will always watch the performance of a search engine, as keeping an eye on trends means that a campaign may be focused properly. Search engine optimization services must please users, but they have to get the most out of the particular opportunities provided by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Is Yahoo bouncing back?

Yahoo Axis is a browser which enables visual search, and lots of early reviewers have reported being quite impressed with the software in question. It is also the case that Axis may be accessed via a variety of devices. Given the amount of mobile devices in the wild, not being restricted to the PC is a definite advantage going forward.

However, visual search has not got an impressive track history. While Yahoo has got advantages which some of the earlier firms that attempted to promote visual search lacked, it is still a search engine which has been suffering from relative decline. Axis does give Yahoo a welcome distinctive quality, but it remains unclear if it can be part of a lasting turnaround in corporate fortunes.