Not Everyone Obeys Etiquette

To succeed with SEO, you should abide by relevant rules and etiquette. However, when using social media it becomes clear not everybody obeys these principles. This can cause problems for a campaign. The campaign cannot afford to depart from sensible behaviour but it may have to respond to users who show no such scruples.At, we know that sophistication is important during the course of a continuous campaign. There is no substitute for awareness of rules and maintenance of discipline. However, we are always conscious of the need to expect the unexpected.

For example, it may be advisable for firms to let employees use Twitter as individuals. However, some constraints should be imposed on their behaviour. It might be that their bios should say ‘tweeting in a personal capacity’. Nevertheless, it might be best to go further and get them to protect their tweets. Protecting tweets can provide a degree of security.

A protected tweet is only as shielded as those who read it allow it to be. Some users show no respect for the privacy of others. They sometimes go so far as to retweet a protected tweet without asking permission. In the worst cases, they can chop up a protected tweet to make it mean something quite different when they ‘take it outside’. In such an eventuality, it is best to block the user in question.

The central point is to be aware that everyone has to be careful when they tweet. Even if you protect your tweets, this does not mean that you should feel that you can write whatever you like.